Yes. The previous WAP will not be accepted. Everyone needs to apply for a new WAP on the new portal.

The old WAP will no longer be valid till 13th May 2020. Only the new WAP will be accepted as from 14th May.

The employer/ person applying for WAP will receive all the links by mail which can then be forwarded to different staff concerned.

The WAP has a QR Code. At each checkpoint, police officers will be able to scan your QR Code and confirm if your WAP is valid or not.

You can download the beSafeMoris app on your smartphone. In the ‘Access’ section, you will be able to open your WAP and QR Code to show to the police officer.

On the ‘Access’ section on your homepage, input your NID and mobile number. You will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) which will allow you to open your WAP.

You can download the WAP with QR Code from your email. We however encourage you to use the beSafeMoris app which is more direct. The QR Code will already bear the approved sign for you to show at checkpoints.

Moreover, the beSafeMoris app provides you with updated official communiqués from the Government. Also, you can now send your suggestions and ideas to different ministries through the ‘Suggestions’ section on the app. 

Yes, the app is zero-rated for all my.t mobile customers. Download is free for everyone.

No. The WAP allows you to travel from home to your workplace and back, irrespective of the distance/ region between the two destinations.

There is no limit on the number of WAP to apply for. However, given the current situation and to maintain social distancing, it is advised not to have a large number of persons present in one room at a time.   

You can go to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau nearest to your place. CABs will be opened to public in alphabetical order (A – F: Mondays & Thursdays; G – N: Tuesdays & Fridays; O – Z: Wednesdays and Saturdays) from to 3 p.m. An officer will make the online application for you.

Your NID and any other company documents like BRN, trade license, planter’s card etc., as applicable in your field.

Yes, all CABs will be open from 9 a.m to 3 p.m except CAB at Cité La Cure.

The WAP is valid for specific days only, as requested by your employer. For example, if request has been made for Monday to Friday, the WAP will be valid only from Monday to Friday. It will show “Invalid” on Saturday and Sunday, but will become valid again on the following Monday.

  1. Go to
  2. Depending on your employment category, choose the correct Application option under either Private Sector or Individual / Self-Employed

Note: Application for employees working in the Public Sector will normally be done by senior officers of the respective departments. Employees are requested to check with their immediate superiors before doing any application.

3. For Private Sector applicants, kindly fill in the correct fields with your:

    1. BRN
    2. Mobile Number
    3. E-mail Address

4. For Individual / Self-Employed applicants, kindly fill in the correct fields with your:

    1. NID / Passport Number
    2. Mobile Number
    3. E-mail Address

Note: The E-mail Address field is optional but should be filled in by applicants to get all updates and the WAPs through e-mail.

  1. Click Next and check your phone for the One Time Password (OTP) received through SMS.
  2. Input the OTP in the field provided and click on Validate.
  3. Your account has now been created.

If you have a BRN and have employees to be registered for Work Access Permits, you should apply under “Private”.

If you are self-employed or you are employed by an individual, you should apply under “Individual / Self-Employed” with supporting documents.

Once you have already applied and created your profile, you may log in using your ID (NID/BRN) and registered mobile number via the link to view the status of your existing application, or submit a new application (applicable for private sectors).

  1. For “Individual / Self-Employed”:
    1. Make sure to fill in your name and surname as per your Identity card.
    2. Fill in your address of residence.
    3. Fill in your work sector. Choose from the auto-fill list or write one if not available.
    4. Your email address and Existing Work permit are optional.
  2. For “Private”:
    1. Fill in the name of your company.
    2. Fill in the address of your company.
    3. Fill in your work sector. Choose from the auto-fill list or write one if not available.
    4. Fill in the total number of employees in your company.
    5. Fill in your name as per your Identity Card.
    6. Fill in your Capacity/Post held in the company.
    7. Your email address and Existing WAP are optional.
  1. If you have already created a user and you wish to log in to verify your application’s status, please use the following link:
  1. Enter your NID (For Individual/ Self-Employed) or BRN (For Private) and your mobile number. Click on Next, then enter the OTP.

It is possible that you have not yet created your profile. If so, you may create your account via Otherwise, please make sure that you have entered the correct ID (NID/BRN) and mobile number that you used to create your account.

To receive the OTP, please make sure to enter a valid 8-digit mobile number.

Please make sure you have entered the same 6-digit OTP that you received from the latest SMS.

  1. Make sure the documents you want to upload are
    1. In PDF or image(png, jpeg,..) format
    2. Not greater than X MB individually
    3. Not greater than Y MB in total
  2. Click on “Choose” and select the document and then click on “Upload”.
  3. Repeat the above steps for additional files to be uploaded.

Note 1: Once a file has been uploaded it cannot be edited/deleted.

Note 2: A maximum of 5 documents can be uploaded by any applicant.

A maximum of only 5 supporting documents can be uploaded. Please note that you cannot delete any document that has already been uploaded.

No, once the profile has been created, you cannot modify the provided information.

No, you cannot modify an existing WAP application once it has been submitted.

No, you cannot apply for a 2nd WAP as an Individual / Self-Employed unless your existing application has been rejected (status of the application would be tagged as ‘not approved’).

No, you cannot edit the list of employees once it has been submitted. You can however submit a new list (new application) to request WAP for additional employees.

Yes, separate applications can be done by the same employer for different batches of employees.

You will receive a link to view your WAP in an SMS and/or an email once your application has been approved.

Additionally, you can log in on the beSafeMoris app and go to the ‘Access’ section to view and download the digital and pdf format of your WAP.

Please log in to using your ID (NIC/BRN) to view the status of your application.

No. However, all mobile numbers submitted should be in the correct format (8 digits, no blank spaces at the start, in the middle or at the end). Only employees with a relevant mobile number will be able to log in on the beSafeMoris app to view their WAP.

Kindly check:

  1. That there is no blank space or special character in the cells containing the Mobile Numbers. A correct mobile number should contain 8 digits only.
  2. The table for empty cells and update it accordingly. In case the error persists, please select all rows below the last data row and Clear All (found besides “Filter” option in Excel).
  3. If there is more than one sheet in the excel file and delete any extra sheets.

Note: To minimise the risk of errors, kindly fill in the downloadable template correctly before uploading.