COVID-19: VPM Dookun-Luchoomun announces new dates for exams

– Vice-Prime Minister Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun announced that new dates have been finalised for students to take part in their final exams. A strict sanitary protocol will be put in place in the examination centres and students, as well as the working personnel in the various centres are called upon to abide by the protocol.

-The VPM was speaking at the daily press briefing of the National Communication Committee on COVID-19 at the Treasury Building in Port Louis.

-The examination dates are as follows:

  1. Primary School Achievement Certificate: From 06 to 09 April 2021
  2.  National Certificate of Education: From 30 March to 08 April 2021
  3. School Certificate/Higher School Certificate: From 22 March to 11 June 2021

-Several Ministries are working in collaboration so that students can undertake their respective exams in the best possible conditions.

-All personnel working for exams will be vaccinated as from this week so as to ensure the wellness of students.

-Transport facilities also available for students by the NLTA during exams period. Parents accompanying students will not need to apply for a Work Access Permit but will need to have a copy of the time table and the student card of their child. However, they will not be allowed into the school yard.

-Special arrangements will be made for students who are currently in quarantine centres.

-No examinations will take place at Curepipe College. However, students will be able to sit for exams in another institution which has already been identified.

-Following consultations with Cambridge, there will be no oral exams for the School Certificate level this year in a bid to ensure safety and wellness of students.

-Libraries and stationery stores will be open from 16 to 20 March 2021 so that students can buy necessary and required material for exams. Students must be accompanied by parents, with their time table as well their student card and parents are cautioned to have a photocopy of both. No need to abide by alphabetical order for this exercise.

New cluster identified

-Dr Kailesh Jagutpal highlighted that 135 local cases of COVID-19 have been registered since 05 March 2021.

-Patients are from the following clusters: Forest Side (52), Wootun (21), Curepipe (37), and Red Zone (11). A new cluster has been detected at Malherbes, with 14 positive cases.

-He indicated that 538 PCR tests have been undertaken through Contact Tracing, 251 in COVID-19 Testing Centres, as well as 203 random tests conducted.

-The population to abide by strict sanitary measures and to take all the necessary precautions as the situation is still serious.

-As at date more than 57 000 vaccines have been administrated.

Source: Government Information Service