COVID-19: The fight against the coronavirus is the fight of each Mauritian

Minister Jagutpal announced that the number of local positive cases of COVID-19 as at 16 00 hrs today has reached 127.

The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Jagutpal, and Dr Catherine Gaud, held the daily press briefing of the National Communication Committee on COVID-19 at the New Treasury Building in Port Louis.

– Health Minister Jagutpal gave further details about the contact tracing exercise and underlined that results are obtained at different times of the day, up to midnight.

– He underscored that during the last 24 hours most positive cases detected are related to the three identified clusters and that further investigations are ongoing.

– Dr Jagutpal underpinned that the contact tracing exercise is being carried out diligently to investigate the social interactions and activities of those being examined, which demands time and extreme caution.

– Three categories of Covid-19 testing are carried out, namely in Covid testing centres, through contact tracing exercise and on frontliners. Some 400 tests have been carried out on frontliners so far. He seized the opportunity to thank and encourage all the personnel involved in the fight against the coronavirus.

– Minister Jagupal also announced that the High-Level Committee chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. Pravind Jugnauth, has decided that frontliners will be allowed to do their shopping on any day and will be given access priority.

Abide to strict sanitary measures
– Dr Gaud urged the population to continue to observe strict health precautions and to consider this situation as a personal war and appealed to all citizens to play their part with utmost discipline.

– She highlighted that the national vaccination programme against COVID-19 will resume on Monday 15 March 2021 and all details will be communicated accordingly.

Source : Government Information Service