COVID-19: Mauritius better equipped for contact tracing exercise

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is currently performing some 2 000 PCR test for contact tracing exercise daily compared to 200 for the same period last year. It has also been noted that the COVID-19 variant found this year is less virulent than the one which was prevailing last year.

This was stated this evening by the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Jagutpal, during the press conference of the National Communication Committee on the COVID-19 held at the New Treasury Building, in Port-Louis.

  1. Health Minister Jagutpal announced that Mauritius will receive 330 000 vaccines doses from India and another 100 000 from China soon, as all required procedures have been completed.
  2. He made a comparison between the situation of March 2021 with March 2020 and urged the population to abide to strict sanitary measures so as to overcome this situation as the population has already done it previously under the same circumstances by acting in a disciplined and responsible manner.
  3. Minister Jagutpal underscored that the region with the three main clusters has been declared Red zone and concerns constituencies 15, 16 and 17.

Beware of fake news

  1. Dr Jagutpal appealed to all to stick to official source of information provided by the GIS as well as the MBC Tv and radio whilst adding that the Prime Minister, Mr. Pravind Jugnauth, has stated that the health and security of all citizens top priority of the Government.
  2. Mr Krishna Jhugroo, DCP of the Mauritius Police Force, underpinned that there are strict controls in the Red Zone as well as island wide and called upon citizens to collaborate and use the WAPs for the purpose allocated.
  3. He emphasised that there are no shortages of food and other amenities in the Red Zone.
  4. Number of active cases of Covid-19 in community is 99.

Source : Government Information service