Communique: Mauritius Police Force

COVID-19 Tactical Command Centre HOTLINE

It has been noted with much concern that there are some people residing in the demarcated Red Zone, following the decree of Temporary Restrictions of Movement Order vide General Notice No. 467 of 2021 coupled with General Notice 471 of 2021, that is Constituencies 15, 16 and 17, and who are either aged or infirmed and alone are encountering difficulties to receive their necessary care and attention.

We are currently facing an extreme situation due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic which has urged the authorities to seal off the Constituencies mentioned above and which are under strict police control.

In these given circumstances, the Police inform the public that a Hotline is operational at Police Headquarters to entertain requests from those concerned with a view to convene the information to those manning the different control points to facilitate carers and/or relatives of the category of people mentioned in paragraph 1 to attend to them.

Hotline: 213 4633 / 203 1212. Ext: 1480/1481

We rely on the understanding and collaboration of one and all.

13 March 2021