Communique from IBA


COVID – 19

By virtue of its powers under section 5 (1) of the Independent Broadcasting Authority Act, the Authority hereby directs, in writing, all broadcasters to exercise restrain from broadcasting news and other content which are fake and unfounded. Such news may:

(a) threaten public order;
(b) cause riots; or
(c) destroy the social fabric of the country.

The IBA reminds broadcasters that the Second Schedule to the IBA Act and section 24 of the IBA Act provide respectively for important duties on broadcasters and the severe sanctions which may arise should the second Schedule to the Act be breached. For ease of reference section 24(2)(d), 24(5) and 24(7) of the IBA Act provide as follows

24.   Variation and revocation of licence

(2)   Subject to subsections (5) and (7), the Authority may revoke a licence where it is satisfied



(d) the licensee has failed to comply with the code of conduct specified in the Second Schedule;

(5) Where the Authority is of the view that a licence should be revoked or varied, it shall give written notice of its intention to the licensee together with the reasons therefor.

(7) The Authority shall, after considering the explanations of the licensee, inform him in writing of its decision and the reasons for its decision

Independent Broadcasting Authority,
Level 2, The Celicourt, 6 Sir Celicourt Antelme Street, Port Louis.
Date: 25 March 2020